Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Path to Walk

Has it really been that long, since I've been motivated to write on this blog? Holy, moly...I guess it has indeed. So many things have happened in one year. I've finally moved into a home. Apartment living definitely has its limitations on one's life that's for sure. This home has amazingly peaceful and positive energy. It's way out in the country, but close enough to where I know my neighbors and my landlord. Shopping is also close, as is a gym that just relocated closer to my side of town.

My home has an eat in kitchen. And with the addition of a Christmas gift from my sister, a Kitchenaid mixer, I've started baking again  I am also planning a herb and vegetable garden as soon as it warms up a bit.

The two-bed room home has a huge yard with shade trees and lots of greenery. I often get up and watch the sunrise and arrive home from work to watch the sunset. I've seen all kinds of wildlife and been serenaded by several types of birdsong from the sweet high-pitched Cardinal in the morning to the moon-loving ominous hoot owls at night. It's my slice of heaven and ever so serene, especially after a long day of working in the corporate world Monday through Friday.

However, my work life is a bit calmer this year. Last year my company underwent an international merger. My role was to lead the marketing department in the re-branding of 71 national offices, redesigning our website and all of our marketing collateral and support information. No small task, but it was a success.

Now living happily in this country setting, I can concentrate on my passion of spiritual enlightenment. Nature has a way of connecting one to the Divine at a deeper level. And in seeking the Light for several years and through many trial and tribulations along the way, I am wiser and now wish to be of service to those also seeking the Light.

During the last two years, I've also started attending a Catholic church and church group on a regular basis. My grandmother was Catholic and even though she has long since passed, she is still with me in spirit. Thanks grammy, I love you.

So within the next month, I am launching my own business called "Following the Light." I have embraced the fact that I am an empath and an intuitive and feel the gentle tug of God calling me to serve others also on their path in the ascension process or to a deeper understanding of life.

I have taken several classes throughout the years and read countless books on angels, energy, the ascension process, astrology, numerology, Kabbalah, working with the Light and guides, the power of conscious intention, Reiki, and many other new age topics. Still my belief in Jesus Christ and regular bible study keeps me grounded. My latest class is Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader course that will help me to provide more focused and meaningful readings.

Here's some of things I've learned along the path to enlightenment. Oprah I hope you don't mind but "What I know for Sure" is:

    Being myself is the only way to true happiness.

    My beliefs about life is what shows up in my life.

    No one circumstance can change my life, but my continued thoughts about it can.

    Money is not my source of happiness my connection to the Divine is.

    Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we don't know the reason until long after its over.

    We see faults in others that are mirrors of what we need to work on oursleves.

    Most of the time we don't appreciate what we have until its gone or they leave us.

    I can't change anyone else, I can only change myself and in changing myself my Light vibrates higher and may end up changing them anyway.

    However, I can't take anyone anywhere they aren't prepared to go by themselves.

    There is no perfect relationship, only perfectly loving someone for who they are and how they show up in our lives.

    Doubt and fear are the only causes of unhappiness.

    I can change a condition by changing my mind about it.

    Sending Light and letting go and letting God creates miracles.

    I may not get what I want...but I always get what I need to grow.

    Trying to make someone love me is disrespecting myself and in the end they either love me or they don't, nothing I do or say will ever change that.

    Love isn't about getting, it's about giving. If I go into a relationship thinking only about receiving I will leave empty handed. If I go into a relationship with an open heart and a giving attitude, I will be changed by the experienced.

    Giving from the heart always attracts more love and when you give you will receive, perhaps not from that person or at that moment, but trust that it will come.

    There is no separation between me and you.

    We are all one and what I think about you, I also think about myself. What I do to you, I also do to myself.
    We are all creators and create our own realities...but in order to create what we want, we have to use conscious intent.

    If you aren't conscious, you are living in an illusion.
    Now is the only moment that exists, everything else is an illusion.

    There is no power in pondering the past, nor worrying about the future. The Power is in consciously creating in the Now moment.

    Concentrate on what you want more of, not what you don't want.

    We are here to experience for God and God is love.

    Jesus  loved everyone, but He was also discerning. Jesus only picked 12 to follow him, not everyone fits into your circle, choose wisely.

    Light attracts Light and darkness attracts darkness.

    Satan or darkness exists because if all were Light and happiness, we wouldn't need to be here. We need duality to learn.

    The darkest room can be illuminated by the smallest light.

    There's always more to learn and when the student is ready, the teacher shows up.

    Positive prayer works!

Please take with you from this what aligns with your spirit. Namaste!