Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Postive Changes - 2014 Year of the Horse

OMG another year is here...and so much is changing in my life yet again. Just bought a house, have two new pets, my boyfriend and I are getting serious, and I am starting my Following The Light business this year, which will include intuitive angel card readings.

I don't know about you, but for me 2013 was a year of great transition. Emotionally I let go of so much of the thought processes that kept me stuck. Spiritually I joined a Catholic church and am going to be a confirmed Catholic on Feb. 1st. I felt I needed structure in my spiritual life and my grandmother on my mother's side was Catholic and believe she has led me to the church. I remember her reading her rosary every night and when she came to visit over the weekends my Dad taking her to mass on Sunday. She was so at peace with her life and always so positive. I miss you grammy.

My sister and brother came out for Thanksgiving last year and it was so nice to visit with them. The Nelsons hadn't been together for quite awhile. It was their first time in Louisiana. I hope they come back. Perhaps during crawfish season!

So why intuitive readings? I can't seem to get away from doing them. People hear that I do readings and I end up giving them a reading. And I feel God is leading me there or the doors wouldn't be opening. For so long I waited for doors to open and no matter how much I prayed and pleaded with God, they remained closed. So I detached from pleading with the Universe to give me something that it wasn't ready to manifest yet. Nothing happens before it's time. Sure you can make plans, but unless the Universe is behind it, it just won't happen.

You don't do this type of business to make money. In fact, it's kind of like the movie Hereafter, with Matt Damon. You really don't want to do it, because you don't want everyone to know you are different and have this gift. But it keeps coming up and you can no longer deny it. So my brother is helping with the website and I hope to start doing readings once I am settled into new home.

Gosh so much is happening and it has a lot to do with the upcoming Chinese New Year on Jan. 31st which is proceeded by a new moon on January 30. And it is one of my favorite animals The Year of the Horse. Horses represent movement. And is it no surprise I am moving next month. Wow!

It's going to be one heck of a year with this animal leading us. So hold on tight, changes are afoot. To find out more about the year of the horse and about how it will affect you just Google "Chinese New Year" or "Year of the Horse." Make sure you find out what animal you are and how this year will interact with that animal. Pretty interesting stuff I think anyway. I am a dog.

So onward I go, much happier for sure. I love my two pets Lucy and Sofie and my boyfriend Corwyn. I hope he doesn't get mad that I put him last. LOL. They all fill my life with so much light and laughter!